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Approach and Anchoring

Marina Cay Map

From the North

Pass between Camanoe and Scrub Island south through Scrub Island Cut where Marina Cay will appear straight ahead and slightly west. The mooring field will be in full view upon exiting Scrub Island Cut. Turn right to about 215ºM and you will dissect the mooring field. Be aware that the water gets thin close to the Camanoe shore and smallboat dock on Great Camanoe to the right. Give a wide berth.

From the East

There are two approaches from the east. First, if taking Marina Cay to port, head to the south end of Scrub Island Cut. When abeam Marina Cay, the mooring field will open up. Turn left to a course of 230ºM and proceed as approaching from the north. Mother Turtle Reef ’s northeastern terminus is marked by a conspicuous rock that should be given respectable berth.

The second eastern approach is to simply head for the Mother Turtle Reef buoy to the southwest of Marina Cay, Take it to starboard and turn right into the mooring field. (This is also the procedure for approaching from Trellis Bay, a half a mile south.)

From the West

After rounding Little Camanoe taking the yellow and black buoy to starboard, head directly for the Mother Turtle Reef buoy, about 80°M at BV319 and take it to starboard while entering the anchorage.


Pick up any of the blue-striped white Moor Seacure buoys and pay in the gift shop. Someone will eventually zip over by boat to collect. If payment has been made, just show them the receipt from the gift shop when they arrive.

Dropping hook at the anchorage should be done only on the northern or western edge of the mooring area. Please respect the private dock for the residents of Camanoe Island.

The Marina Cay fuel dock carries 10 feet and there are three spaces to tie up. The large one runs roughly northeast to southwest and at first glance seems to be the only space. But there are two smaller quays on the cay side of the dock. When looking at the dock from the water, small boats to 30 feet can take on fuel and water behind the right or southwest side of the main dock. The size of serviceable vessels on this dock is limited due to dinghies and the water taxi that are usually parked adjacent to the fuel dock.

Larger boats to 47 feet can tie up for refueling behind the left or northeast half of the dock.

Scrub Island’s Mother Turtle Beach—on the north end of Camanoe Cut—is a small, secluded spot ideal for a picnic.

The approach to the beach is very shallow, and a dinghy will have to be rowed the last 20 yards on the right (south) end of the shingle beach. Turtle egg shards are common here, and if mother turtles are spotted, it is best to clear the area until they leave.

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